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a loud, fast-moving and aggressive form of STYLE.
to wear, display,or feature something striking, distinctive, or ATTRACTIVe.
clothing for women of all ages,, being authentic and having confidence in being UNIQUE.

I am a born and raised New Yorker. I’ve had an obsession with fashion since the third grade. I’ve led a dirty life but managed to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology. My career began as a Fashion Editor at a prestigious magazine, bringing me to the hands of many celebrities and drama. Following editorial land, I became a Fashion Director for a major retail company. While working in fashion retail I began to spearhead story boards and create a personality for a lifestyle brand. I traveled to Europe and cast on the streets of London and Paris for the women I wanted to represent.


Over the years of fashion shows, photoshoots and learning to accept creative feedback I decided I was content and happy with my accomplishments. However, I did have one last desire (for now). I always had an admiration for our white-haired friends ‘Grannys’!

I’m obsessed with their unfiltered mouths, life experiences, confidence and mostly their STYLE.


Therefore, my next adventure is to celebrate women of all ages through ageless fashion and style. I want to express how women of all ages are the ‘same’. We are born with style; we learn style and we never lose our style.


When we get older, we get wiser. When we get wiser our hearts grow deeper. When our hearts grow deeper we cultivate self-awareness and grow in confidence.


Our style from the early years matures with us in the same ‘fashion’.


My Mission:  To teach women of all ages to celebrate their style on an even playing ground, we are never too young or too old to Rock It Out.


Be Free, Be Young, Be Old. Embrace your Punk Rock Granny!



The OG, Original Granny

Dedicated To The Ones I Love, Ellie & Rosie